Holy Bible at the lectern


Welcome to our latest Online Service. If you’ve been watching previous services, you will note that we have changed the format and arranged the service as a series of separate videos along with suggested links to YouTube for the hymns. As before, please feel free to visit YouTube directly and select a different version should you prefer.

Welcome & Call To Worship

The Triumphal Entry: Matthew 21: 1-11

Jesus Anointed: Mark 14: 3-9

The Last Supper: Matthew 26: 17-29

Gethsemane: Luke 22: 39-46

Jesus’ Arrest And Trial John 18: 1-11

Jesus’ Crucifixion And Death: John 19: 16-18, 28-30

The Burial Of Jesus: John 19: 31-42

Prayer For Others 

The Empty Tomb: Matthew 28: 1-10

Mary Sees Jesus: Mark 16: 9-15