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Matthew 25:35


Drumoak-Durris Church is dedicated to supporting a range of causes, both local and global as we strive to alleviate the worst consequences of poverty and inequality where we can. Here are a few of the charities and social enterprises that we are currently supporting:  

Mary's Meals


Mary's Meals is a charity originally founded in 1992 and works around the world to setup school feeding programmes in some of the world's poorest communities. Support for this organisation is global and they have also historically provided emergency relief to many countries such as Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

Their mission is to enable people to offer their money, goods. skills, time or prayer and through this movement provide the most effective help to those suffering the effects of extreme poverty.

Aberdeen Street Pastors

Aberdeen Street Pastors work during the night-time economy in Aberdeen city centre. They seek to listen, care and help those in need or have found themselves in difficulties. Their aims are to bring peace and a Christian presence amongst night life communities by building relationships and where appropriate, share their faith and pray with people.

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