Drumoak-Durris Church has traditionally run a series of home groups with the aim of inviting people to explore and discuss further different themes of the bible together in an informal and friendly setting. Everyone is invited to join as we continue our journey in the Christian faith while strengthening friendships with one another.

Under the current difficult circumstances caused by the coronavirus outbreak, Home Groups will be postponed for the foreseeable future. However please find below material for the first session of our Lent Study programme:

Session 1

First Bible Reading

John 3:1-10


Why is Nicodemus, the senior man, visiting Jesus?

What is Jesus asking us to believe?

Are the ways in which children see things silly?

Why do you feel John felt he must tell this story?

May we all come together in prayer.


Dear Lord,

We pray for our family and friends, our community and country, for your world.


Second Bible Reading

1 Corinthians 13: 9-12

What is Paul saying about our Adult understanding of God?

Is it compatible with what Jesus is saying to Nicodemus?

What has maturity to do with faith and belief?

Why do we believe Paul felt he must tell us this story?


Dear Lord,

We pray for your Holy Spirit to enter all hearts, we pray that we may be content with what we have, we pray for all those who are truly struggling at this time, we pray that we can all think and help each other especially the poorer/hungrier and less fortunate.


Third Bible Reading

Mark 15: 39

What does the centurion mean?

What has made him believe in Jesus?

Why do you believe Mark felt he must tell us this?


Heavenly Father,

We pray and give thanks to you for this day.

We pray for everyone who is sick at this time, for those struggling to cope in so many different ways. 

Heavenly Father be with them and give us the strength and compassion to help all our neighbours where ever possible.

Heavenly Father we pray for your guidance through your Holy Spirit, may we keep you first in our hearts and minds, we pray that we will seek help for ourselves also if we fall ill or struggle.

Be with us all Dear Lord.



Session 2


Loving Father, we come now and ask you to be with us as we try to understand your word to us.

We realise that in this study week we are looking at loss, denial and acceptance. 

We need your help to teach us to  realise that the continuing changing world we live in means we have to accept sadness, hardship and problems as well as all the good times.

We ask that you teach us to accept the situations we find ourselves in and know that  in times of trial and difficulty you are with us and support us, love us and cherish us. 

This gives us confidence Lord, to lean on you, trust you to be with us at all times.

Help us to share your love with others helping them to understand the strength of that love and caring. 

May we always Father seek to tell others of faithfulness.

We therefore commit ourselves and community into your care knowing that nothing can separate us from your love.


1st Reading Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8


What makes this highly candid passage so comforting?

What meaning do you attach to the line about stones?

Is there loss in these lines?

Why do you believe this poet felt he must tell us this?


2nd Reading Mathew 22: 23-29


Why are the Sadducees asking this question?

Why is Jesus so dismissive?

Do you believe admission to heaven is governed by rules?

Why do you believe Mathew felt he must tell us this story?


3rd Reading Mathew 16: 21-23


Why is Peter unable to accept the truth?

Why is Jesus so very angry with Peter?

In what way is Peter a stumbling block?

Why do you believe Mathew felt he must tell us this story?


Living God of this earth and of everything in it.  You are Holy and Good and Kind.

This world and our lives are in your hands.  

Forgive us our exploitation of nature and the consequences of it that we are suffering now. 

Remind us how dependant we are on everything on this planet and to treat it and each other respectfully and with love.  

Help us as when we feel overwhelmed by the pain and the suffering to know that you have already won through on the cross - all sin and suffering, past, present and future was taken into you and transformed. 

Whatever happens, whether in this life or the next, 'All will be well ' in you. 

That is your Easter message. 

Like the little boy who could offer only a seemingly inadequate lunch to feed five thousand, inspire us all to give the little we have into your hands and you will make it enough.

Help us dear Lord to help one another



Session 3

1st Reading, Isaiah: 28-16


1. Many Bible passages are about building and buildings. Why?

2. What is being promised in this verse?

3. Is God all you need?

4. Why do you believe Isaiah felt he must tell us this story?




We pray for wisdom of our policymakers and our leaders, for the safety of our front line workers, for healing of those who are affected with the Coronavirus disease and their families.

Remove all fear, Lord, and replace this fear with affirmation from your word.

In Jesus Name, Amen.



2nd Reading, Luke 4: 1-13


1. If Jesus had turned the stone into bread, would it have been a miracle, or merely magic?

2. What is the deal Jesus won’t strike with Satan?

3. What are today’s most severe temptations?

4. Why do you believe Luke felt he must tell us this story?




Lord our Heavenly Father, at this time of self-isolation and social distancing, we pray for those struggling with the isolation, of not being able to see loved ones and of feeling lonely.

Lord we pray that you would draw close to them and that they too, would draw close to you.

Lord we continue to bring before you "Key Workers" whether it be those in the NHS caring for the sick or weak or those in the retail trade helping to keep the shelves stocked with food and household necessities - Lord be with them.

Lord we pray for those who have lost loved ones at this time - Lord, bring them comfort and surround them with your love.

Lord we continue to pray for those in government both national and local.

Direct them Lord in their work and help them Lord in the decisions they need to take, at this time.

Lord we ask all this in Jesus name, Amen.


3rd Reading, Mark 10: 17-22


1. Why does Mark make a point of saying Jesus loved this young man?

2. Can one expand on Bible Commandments, as Jesus did?

3. Is it faith-less to own many possessions?

4. Why do you believe Mark felt he must tell us this story?





We come to pray for those who are caring for the sick.

It takes a kind and selfless heart to care for those who are sick, and so Father we pray for them.

We pray that You would be their source of rest, their source of replenishment when weary, and their source of hope in such overwhelming times. Lord we know in Luke 6:38 that whosoever pours out shall be given back in proportion, so we pray blessings upon these caregivers.

We also pray for their health that they may not fall ill.

Father protect them with a hedge of protection against the germs of coronavirus and help those who are giving to be protected as they nurse others back to health.  

Bless them, oh Lord.

In Jesus’ name,


If you would like further information do speak to Robert Harper on 01330 844781 or durris_ghillie@outlook.com.

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