Please click on picture, save and print. Have real fun colouring in. If you then wish to send a photo of your finished Ark to that would be great, by sending, giving us permission to show.


If you have any difficulties please make contact and we will help.


Perhaps you would like to build your own Noah’s Ark and add your toy animals, again great if you send a photo.

Children have fun and enjoy colouring or building Noah’s Ark, we would love to see them.


We will display them on Facebook from 15th July, St Swithuns Day.

















God told Noah to build an Ark because it was going to rain for forty days and nights, bringing a great flood. The Ark was to save Noah’s family and all creatures, the animals that God brought to the Ark came two by two, and were saved.

St Swithun’s Day, July 15th (or ‘Swithin’ as he is also known) died on 2 July 862. With his dying breath Swithun is said to have requested that his final resting place be outside Winchester Cathedral, where his grave could easily be reached by both members of the parish and the rainfall from the heavens. Swithun’s wishes were met for over 100 years. However, Swithun’s body was removed from its simple grave and interred in the new Cathedral on 15 July 971. A shrine to the Saint remains in the modern Winchester Cathedral to this day.

According to legend, forty days of terrible weather followed, suggesting St Swithun was none too happy with the new arrangements! Ever since, it has been said that the weather on 15 July supposedly determines the weather for the next forty days, as noted in the popular Elizabethan verse:


“St Swithin’s day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St Swithin’s day if thou be fair
For forty days will rain na mair”


Children, and older ones, what would you like to happen on July 15th this year, will you be praying for rain or perhaps sunshine?

Have fun and enjoy the summer.