Please find below the latest quiz submitted by Helen Cross.

The answers to the clues are numbers and words:

Example: 366 - Dialy--366 Days in a leap year

1. T3BGG
2. 12D
3. 30D in S
4. 5 L and 2 F
5. 12S of the Z
6. T of 2 C
7. 13L in a BD
8. 5S of K
9. 9L of a C
10. T 10 C
11 .5Q in a W
12. 4 LC
13. 7 DS
14. 32 P of the C
15. 12 FC in a P of C
16. 10 GB
17. 18 H on a GC
18. 4 S of a R
19. 4LF
20. 8 L of an O


Answers from the last quiz


1. Not a bitter vegetable - Sweet pea
2. A shy person - Wallflower
3. It might shrink - Violet
4. Used for soup - Stock
5. Might be on a tandem - Daisy
6. Animal slides - Cowslip
7. A demure lady - Primrose
8. Sweets and a clump - Candytuft
9. Not found on this animal's paw - Foxglove
10. Wed a precious metal - Marigold
11. A bird needing incentive - Larkspur
12. Falls in winter - Snowdrop
13. Do young bees do this? - Honeysuckle
14. Found wandering in a cloud - Daffodil
15. First syllable is happy - Gladiola
16. Pleasant Billy - Sweet William
17. English wars - Roses
18. Mother comes at the end - Carnation
19. A brand of tinned milk - Chrysanthemum
20. From Amsterdam - Tulips

The answers will be revealed soon when the next quiz will be available.

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